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Giving Back to the Community


The Simms Books Publishing Foundation,INC® (#Writeyourstory®) has been created exclusively to promote literacy and aid students through publishing their stories. The company will accomplish this by guiding students through the meticulous steps of story development; character development; manuscript writing; formatting; book publication; copyright requirements; marketing and promoting; and introduction to the film industry.

Our Foundation teaches students how to write a book, and at the same time, teaches them to build  a business with all the nuts and bolts of book publishing in all genres. Each student’s outcome is multifaceted: establishing entrepreneurship and income; providing employment;  and promoting exceptional literacy standards and self-sufficiency, all resulting in the student’s long-term, qualified, competitive skills. This model also includes best practices in:


  • Life skills    

  • Communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills                           

  • Achieving goals                        

  • Business skills

  • Personal finances                                      

  •  Writing your story

SBPF is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) certified organization. Please aide us in raising the funds for the #Writeyourstory® Literary Initiative.

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Show Me The Numbers!! With your help; we can grow this program's outreach to all 50 states, earn corporate sponsors and grants.


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